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You’ve got a story to tell, but your social media strategy isn’t working. You’ve tried everything from doing it yourself to outsourcing the undertaking to an intern, a friend or family member. You’re putting in the effort, but your audience is growing slower than you’d hope, or maybe not at all. You’ve gone at it alone for too long and your best guesses aren’t yielding results anymore.





Guy’s one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to improve your social media literacy, build your confidence and help you choose your battles more wisely. Grab a coffee with Guy if you’re in New England and/or schedule a video conference if you’re on the go.

For individuals, small businesses and organizations.


If your business requires a more thorough review and analysis, Guy offers custom-tailored strategies to optimize your social media presence with your brand, marketing and sales goals in mind. Guy will help you hire and train the right employees and/or agencies for effective implementation.

For medium to large businesses and organizations.


Why Guy?

Spinbal - A Social Media Success Story

Guy Juravich is a multi-faceted creative entrepreneur at the helm of an innovative startup known for viral content and market disruption. His flagship brand Spinbal is an award-winning, globally-distributed and critically-acclaimed drum accessory product which commands 23K Instagram followers and has appeared in over a dozen viral (100K+ views) videos on Instagram. His story has been covered by The Philadelphia Inquirer, Modern Drummer Magazine and The Good Men Project.


Guy has extensive professional experience in Enterprise Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Brand Development, Professional Development, Hospitality Management and of course, Social Media Management. Creatively, he has also worked professionally as a Drummer/Percussionist, Screen Actor/Voice Actor, Journalist/Photo Journalist and Bronze Patina Artist. View Guy’s LinkedIn Profile.


Guy received his Bachelor’s in Cultural Studies, Communications and Media Studies from Bishop’s University in Québec, Canada. His specialized training in Gestalt Analysis, Semiotics and Critical Theory informs his calculating approach to social media strategy.

Academic Commitment

Guy’s brand Spinbal is partnered with LaSalle University’s Business Engagement Center & Innovation Lab where he leads a team of student interns and staff. He also regularly lectures on creative entrepreneurship at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts.



Guy has a homegrown and genuine strategy for success. His company Spinbal is powered by the same energy; he connects people to products.
— Bob Lowry, Professor: Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts & Founder: Bueno y Sano
“The consultation that Guy gave to us when we started Philadelphia Drum Company has been invaluable to our social media and marketing strategy. He helped us find effective ways to reach the audience we were seeking while staying true to who we are as a company. I cannot thank Guy enough for the wisdom he has imparted to our business. His level of dedication and care are unquestionable. He is truly a force to be reckoned with. Your business or project is in good hands with Guy.”
— Ethan Feinstein, Co-Founder: Philadelphia Drum Company
“Whether you’re a larger company looking to gain social media traction or a smaller one-person business (like me), just starting to wade into the networking world, Guy’s advice in this field is invaluable. His experience with his own company, his background in communications and cultural studies and his energetic and positive attitude are the perfect match for anyone looking to expand their social media presence. I’m thrilled after working with Guy and love putting into practice what I learned from him. Guy’s your guy!”
— Arielle Jessop, Painter
As a custom drum maker, I reached out to Guy for advice to increase my online presence. Within 20 minutes, I had a crystal clear understanding of how to better market my niche product to the most likely audience. He offered simple solutions for a more effective micro-marketing strategy. Within hours of implementing his suggestions, my online followers began to increase... and continues to do so!
— Allen Marler, Founder: thumbdrum percussion
As an investor in Guy’s latest venture, Spinbal, I have watched him grow the brand: His insights, timing, quality of content, messaging, and follow-up have produced results and demonstrate a high level of competence in these channels. He positions our brand in an appealing, engaging way.
— Steve Melick, Professor: LaSalle University School of Business
“Guy was super helpful with gaining organic fans and followers. His advice on ‘cross-pollinating’ our field really helped out BaldMan Percussion’s Instagram presence!”
— Mike McKee, Co-Founder: BaldMan Percussion